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Forsan Pro, China Best Cheese Supplier

It’s difficult to imagine a professional kitchen that doesn’t use cheese in its dishes. Cheese is an essential ingredient in every restaurant or cafe, whether it is used as a base or an addition to a savory or sweet recipe. Skilled hospitality workers can use premium quality cheeses and dairy products to transform their dishes into unique taste sensations guaranteed to attract more customers to your business. 


Food companies in China can experience challenges when procuring high-quality dairy products. The best dairy and cheese supplier is the one who can assure that all your cheese products are produced with care while adhering to strict manufacturing standards. This is the partner you should seek for your foodservice establishment.


The Food Industry in China

China has one of the fastest-growing food industries worldwide, and the food industry represents a significant share of the Chinese economy. The foodservice market in China is predicted to reach 7.4% CAGR by 2027, as people once again begin eating at restaurants post-pandemic.


In 2020, the Chinese food industry grew 6.8% to nearly 535.96 billion yuan (equivalent to almost $83 billion in U.S. dollars).  In 2021, the China Food Service Market grew to $579.07 billion. 


Chinese foodservice industry growth is seeing increased consumer interest for light meals, fast food, and snacks. These establishments are growing in popularity and require a quick turnaround time for food suppliers. Consumers prefer healthy, well-packaged food options that provide convenience without sacrificing quality. 


Younger Chinese residents and visitors prefer cafes, which serve various drinks, meals, and snacks. Also popular are Chinese-chained and independently owned full-service restaurants. These establishments offer extensive menus and sit-down meals and are often used for parties and celebrations by consumers.


The Importance of Dairy Suppliers in Asia

China’s demand for dairy has grown recently, making it the second-largest dairy consumer globally after the USA. As a result of the population’s interest in dairy products, companies in the Asian dairy product service industry seek to deliver high-quality dairy products to China and other Asian countries. 


Forsan Pro provides superior dairy products at affordable prices and quick turnaround times. We are also working to develop new, unique dairy items that other businesses do not serve to their customers.


Reliable dairy product suppliers, those who work behind the scenes, are essential to the success of any food business, whether it is a sit-down restaurant, café, or bakery.


As one of the best cheese suppliers in China, we ensure that food businesses have access to the right dairy products and ingredients at the right price and time. We provide quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.


What Makes Forsan Pro the Best China Cheese Supplier?

Quality control can make or break your food business because customers expect the same quality every time they purchase your product; therefore, high-quality ingredients are essential. As a result, Forsan Pro makes significant investments in the quality of its dairy products and services to ensure that all its partners receive only the best quality products.


All the dairy products you need are always available

To ensure that restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other food businesses never run out of supplies, Forsan Pro has invested in the necessary logistics so you can serve quality food without substituting dairy ingredients. 


On time, every time

In fast-paced businesses, time is of the essence, so you need a supplier who can deliver the dairy products you need on time, every time. Forsan Pro can develop a reliable delivery system that never misses a deadline if you need specific dairy products delivered at fast turnaround speeds. Our supply and delivery service covers all of China and most Asian markets.


Affordability implies a long-term commitment

Forsan Pro believes that the best suppliers always offer their cheese and dairy products and services at competitive prices. As a result, we are highly successful in establishing long-term business relationships with customers.


A broad range of dairy and milk products is available

In a vast country like China, businesses must choose suppliers that provide their services to as many cities as possible. This ensures that all your food and beverage franchise branches receive the same premium products. Forsan Pro provides best-of-breed dairy products and services across all of China.


Our products range includes:


  • Butter & Fats

  • Cream

  • Cream Cheese

  • Feta Cheese

  • Halloumi Cheese

  • Labneh

  • Milk Powder

  • Mozzarella Cheese

  • Soft Serve Ice Cream

  • Processed Cheddar

  • Processed Cheese Slices

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Forsan Pro’s one-of-a-kind cheese palette can assist you in creating a unique recipe for every taste imaginable. Whether you’re a small business looking to expand or an established brand looking for a successful partner to help it achieve maximum success, You can rely on Forsan Pro to be your partner in success.

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