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Forsan Pro, the Best Bakery
Supplier in Saudi Arabia

Bakery products are one of the most indispensable, most important, and most consumed food products in any food business. For any type of restaurant: fine dine, casual dine, burger restaurant, bakery or café, bakery products, and specifically bread, remain an essential item that is served at any daypart, as breakfast, lunch or dinner; whether as a starter basic snack or a base in many menu items. 

Bread has diverging cultural routes. Different countries with varying cultures are famous for special bread types, which all differ in shape, size, texture, and taste. Some of the well-known bread types include the Arabic Pita, the French Baguette, Italian Panini, and a lot more variations of this pastry. 


Bread is actually the basic ingredient in one of the oldest, most famously consumed food in virtually every household, city, country, or region across the world: the sandwich.

Because of the essentiality of bakery products in the food service business, along with Forsan’s vision of becoming a leading food service company, Forsan took a bold step in its development journey by adding a bakery line to its production facility back in 1993. The company included bakery and pastry food products and ingredients to the Forsan foods portfolio. Since then, Forsan has continued to greatly invest in its bakery line to ensure it sources the finest quality food ingredients and buy requirements of top-grade quality to bake excellent quality products and stay ahead of competition in the bakery industry. Because of this, Forsan has earned an excellent reputation, and has been mentioned as one of the best suppliers of bakery products in Saudi Arabia.


The Food Industry Potential in Saudi Arabia


The food industry contributes significantly to building the Saudi Arabian economy.  According to the Saudi Industrial Center, the country's gross domestic product will propel to SAR 250 billion by 2025, a tenfold increase from its current value. And this will be the consequence of several economic boosters, including the country's food industry.


Saudi Arabia has recently emerged as a crucial attraction spot for foreign and domestic investments alike, across a wide range of industries. However, food and beverage manufacturers top the list of investor magnets due to the massive potential they bring to the table. It's estimated that the country's food service industry grows at a rate of 22.5 percent per year. This factor has pushed it to the investment spotlight as scores of investors get a share of it every passing day.


Investors have a wide scope of sectors within this food industry to focus on. From running conventional restaurants, bakeries, and cafes to ultramodern cloud kitchens that are on the trail to becoming the future of this industry.


The Importance of Bakery Suppliers in the Middle East


The Saudi Arabian and Middle Eastern bakery product markets are laced with stiff competition. As a result, all parties strive to perform optimally and engage their A-game in their daily operations. Be it by becoming top-notch bakery products suppliers with affordable prices and short turnaround times or by developing unique bakery and consumer products that others do not serve to their customers' tables, bakery suppliers in this region are surely expanding their limits to not only keep pace with the dynamic food industry but also stay ahead of the competition, whether they're a big trading company or an early stage startup trading est .


Having dependable bakery product suppliers, especially those who work behind the scenes, is critical to the success of any food business. And since we aim to be the best suppliers of bakery products in Saudi Arabia, we make sure that food companies have access to the right bakery ingredients, at the right price and time. Because of this, they're able to stay on top of their game and meet or exceed their customers' expectations.


What Makes Forsan Pro one of the top Top Bakery Product Suppliers in Saudi Arabia?

You can count on receiving fresh, high-quality food ingredients and bakery products every time!


A constant supply of high-quality ingredients is essential for the success of a business in the food industry as customers expect consistency in the superior quality of your products every time they purchase them. And at Forsan Pro, we make significant investments in the quality of all our consumer products and services to ensure that our partners receive only the best!


Everything you could need in terms of bakery products is always available!


Forsan Pro has invested in all necessary logistics to ensure that restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other food businesses never run out of supplies. For instance, it believes that buying requirements for the production process early is vital in ensuring continuity and a seamless workflow in the production of these bakery items. It also produces various types of bakery products to meet the needs of its broad customer base, as we'll see in a while.

On-time, every time!

Given that the first two items on the list have been checked off, the next thing to consider is the issue of speed. In a fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence. So, you must always ensure that the necessary goods are delivered as soon as the demand arises. And this is where Forsan Pro comes in. It has a fast and dependable delivery system that never misses a delivery deadline. And the beauty about this delivery system is that, in addition to covering all of Saudi Arabia (including prominent areas like Riyadh, Khamis Mushait, Jeddah, Dammam, Al Khobar, and the Eastern province), it also covers the majority of GCC and Middle Eastern markets! Despite the vastness of Saudi Arabia and the surrounding Gulf countries, Forsan Pro ensures that you get your ordered product in time, every time!

Affordability implies a long-term commitment!


Forsan Pro believes that the best suppliers always offer their bakery products and services at affordable rates, and that this is true regardless of their location. Consequently, we have successfully established long-term business relationships with our clients and business partners. The result of this is that all Forsan Pro products and services are accompanied by  a cost and a price advantage, providing the best of both worlds to both customers and the company itself! Unsurprisingly, we have grown to become the leading supplier of bakery products in Saudi Arabia, as well as the rest of the Middle East!


As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading bakery suppliers, we offer a wide selection of bakery products.


Forsan Pro values their customers. So, aside from producing high quality products, it ensures that it produces a wide selection of bakery products to fit its consumers' demand. In simpler terms, Forsan Pro is your one stop shop for your baking products. Some of our finest selections include:

  • Toast

  • Samoli Submarine

  • Hot Dog Buns

  • Honey Bread

  • Dinner Rolls

  • Brioche Buns

  • Tortillas

  • Portuguese Bread

  • Shabora

  • Panini Bread

  • Potato Bread

  • French Baguettes 

  • Burger Buns

  • Colored Bread

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If you are a food business owner aiming to secure the finest quality wholesale bakery supplies and popular baked goods: potato bread, pita, panini, baguette, burger buns, colored buns, brioche, dinner rolls, tortillas and more; Choose Forsan Pro. We guarantee you a consistent supply of prime quality bakery products produced to your specific request and delivered instantly to your business.

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