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Forsan Pro
The Best Restaurant Supplier In Jordan

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Forsan Pro, the top restaurant supplier in Jordan  has it all checked for both local and international brands aspiring to be on top of the food industry in a booming economy like Jordan!

Founded in 1979, Forsan Pro started its journey as a premium food supplier of high-quality meat and it wasn't long before it became the best restaurant supplier in Jordan  that is known for quality products and affordable prices!

A couple of years after, Forsan Pro scaled its successful brand until it covered all the cities of Jordan and resonated throughout the MENA aspiring to become the best restaurant supplier in the middle east. 

The Food industry potential in Jordan


Jordan is a net food-importing country and a growing market of around 10.8 million

consumers, including refugees. Jordan’s population has nearly doubled in the past

decade.  As a result, Jordan imports up to 98 percent of consumable items from

abroad, including rice, frozen chicken cuts, nuts, fresh apples, cheese, beef, and food

preparations. Due to the scarcity of water, agriculture has been declining as a

component of the overall economy for years. Although it consumes 65-75 percent of

Jordan’s water resources, agriculture accounts for 4 percent of the country’s GDP.

The agricultural sector employs 2-3 percent of the labor force, though many

agricultural workers hail from Egypt and Syria.  The horticultural product sector,

poultry industry, and small-scale herding are major components of the agriculture




Consumers demand a wider variety of foreign food and agricultural products that are

packaged and clearly labeled. In 2019, Jordan imported $2.7 billion in consumer-

oriented products, with the retail food sector valued at about $4.5 billion and

expected to grow by 3-5 percent over the next five years.

The importance of food suppliers in
the Middle East.

Given the highly competitive environment in Jordan  and generally speaking, the Middle East, all players in the Jordan food service landscape are trying to reach for the stars, whether by providing top-notch products at affordable prices with lightning-fast speed, or coming up with brand new items that others don't serve to their customers' tables to stay ahead of the curve.

Whatever the strategy is, reliable food suppliers, the ones behind the scenes, are key to the success of any food business, be it a restaurant, a café, or even a bakery.

Restaurant food suppliers are success partners that make sure food businesses have the right products and ingredients, for the right price, at the right time, so they're always on top and up to their customers' expectations.

What makes
Forsan Pro
the perfect restaurant supplier?

kuwait restaurant supplier forsan pro
Fresh, high-quality ingredients, every time!

Quality control could make or break your food business as customers are expecting to have the same quality every single time, thus, high-quality ingredients are a must! That's why Forsan Pro heavily invests in the quality of its products and services to ensure all of its partners get nothing but the best!

Anything you need is always in-stock!

Food businesses need a continuous supply of goods all the time, that's why Forsan Pro has all the necessary logistics to ensure restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to ensure restaurants, cafes, bakeries or any food business is never out of stock (to replace the sentence before it to include the word any food business to assure we cover all types. are never out-of-stock.

Always on-time!

Now that the first two elements of the list are checked, speed is of utmost importance in fast-paced businesses, so you always need to have the necessary goods delivered as soon as the need arises! Forsan Pro takes pride in having a lightening-fast delivery system that never misses a deadline, and the good part is, it covers the entire of Jordan.

Affordable means long-term!

Forsan Pro believes that the best suppliers always offer their food products and services at affordable prices and thus are highly successful at building relationships that last long. Accordingly, all Forsan Pro's products and services have both the cost advantage and the price advantage, in other words, the best of both worlds! No wonder it became the top restaurant supplier in Jordan!

Wide Coverage

In a large country like Jordan with many cities, it's for businesses best to choose suppliers that cover the vast majority of cities to ensure all branches in different places have the same quality service. Luckily, Forsan Pro offers its best-of-breed products and services in each and every Jordan city,  so we got your back wherever you are!

Whether you're a small business seeking to scale or an established brand looking for a success partner to maximize its success, Forsan Pro has what it takes to ensure your success!

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